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Paris 1968. Pent-up anger and frustration over poverty, unemployment and the conservative government of General Charles de Gaulle, gave rise to a mass movement for sweeping social change. In the month of May, workers and students took to the streets in an unprecedented wave of strikes, walkouts and demonstrations. By May 18th, 10 million workers were on strike and all factories and universities were occupied. During those days of turmoil the ATELIER POPULAIRE (Popular Workshop) was formed. The faculty and student body of the Ecole des Beaux Arts were on strike, and a number of the students met spontaneously in the lithographic department to produce the first poster of the revolt, "Usines, Universites, Union." On May 16th, art students, painters from outside the university and striking workers decided to permanently occupy the art school in order to produce posters that would, "Give concrete support to the great movement of the workers on strike who are occupying their factories in defiance of the Gaullist government." The posters of the ATELIER POPULAIRE were designed and printed anonymously and were distributed for free. They were seen on the barricades, carried in demonstrations and were plastered on walls all over France. Their bold and provocative messages were extremely influential and still resonate in our own time. These prints are extracted from a 1969 book about the posters produced by the ATELIER POPULAIRE. They are double-sided and suitable for framing. Translations of the posters are seen at the bottom left of each print. I have shown photos of both sides. Dimensions: 11"W x 16"T Condition: Vintage/ There is some yellowing to paper (it is a creamy color and quite thick) and there is the occasional crease or bend. Also, because these are extracted from a book, one edge will show some roughness from the binding glue. This item will be shipped flat between two boards.

Atelier Populaire Poster Print: La Lutte Prolongee

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